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Mary Ann

Interiors by Mary Ann is a full service residential and commercial interior design studio in San Diego, California. We serve clients as far as Orange County.

A great design is based on good communication. Our primary goal is to listen to your needs and fulfill your expectations. We create environments that are unique expressions of your taste and style.

Featured in San Diego Union-Tribune

Mary Ann in newspaper

Sept. 25, 2010

"Those who downsize sometimes need help arranging their belongings in a way that doesn't feel cramped. That's why they call Maryann Traficante, who started her design business, Interiors by Maryann, 25 years ago. She specializes in downsizing."

"I get clients all the time," she said. "They're moving, and typically these days they don't move to a larger space. They're just moving to something more manageable financially."

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  • BA in interior design from Mount Mary College
  • Past member ASID and IIDA
  • Feature cover of San Diego Home and Garden Magazine
  • Color Specialist

With over 25 years experience in interior design, Mary Ann loves working with a variety of clients. Whether your personal taste is traditional, contemporary, modern or something in between, Mary Ann'’'s services and talent will increase the appearance and value of your home.
And no job is too small!

"One of my favorite experiences took place a number of years ago before the popular HGTV shows. A client hired me to redo a majority of their home as an anniversary surprise gift for his wife while they were on vacation. The project had to be completed in four weeks. The best part was the reveal. The client was totally surprised and thrilled with the results." (Plus it was published in a local newspaper.) - Mary Ann

  • Who needs interior design services?
  • Someone wanting to sell their home (home Staging)
  • Anyone wanting to update or increase the value of their home
  • Special events such as a wedding, birthday or anniversary
  • Avoid costly mistakes
  • Not having to deal with overwhelming choices

It can be as easy as selecting just the right paint color